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Dr. Janine O'Gorman

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Creating change through connection


Therapy provides a safe and objective space to discuss, explore and understand any issues you might be having. Through conversations with your therapist, you can come to a deeper understanding of yourself, what is going on in your life and how to make desired change. Therapy is about connecting back to yourself, through connection with your therapist. It provides a container through which to process your feelings, and to explore difficult thoughts and experiences.


We all have an innate connection to ourselves, our needs and desires. Life experiences, and the demands of our environments, can take us away from this inherent wisdom and add layers that prevent us from seeing what we want, need and can do for ourselves. Therapy assists us to peel back such layers and return to this fundamental knowledge of ourselves.


The therapeutic process is about helping you to discuss and explore your issues, where they come from, what keeps them going and what you can do to make them better. Therapy is all about you. It is about empowering you to cope with life's challenges and cultivate the life you desire.


The most important factor for effective therapy is the relationship between you and your therapist. It is through this relationship that true healing and change can occur. Therapy can feel scary, particularly if you have never done it before. However, with the trust and care of your therapist, you can learn to feel safe in this connection and benefit greatly from the process.


During your first session your therapist will seek to learn more about you, your goals for therapy, and plan how you can work together to achieve them. Your therapist will also inform you about the therapeutic process. You and your therapist will set out your expectations of each other, which will develop and be reviewed as therapy progresses. The first number of sessions, like any other relationship, will be about building trust and connection.


Phone:  +353 83 130 1383

Appointment Hours

Available for daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

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